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Course Intro

This online course mainly helps you to understand and master the main security risks WEB applications are facing in the cloud, as well as a variety of risk defense solutions and principles. We also introduce you the best protection solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud. With this certification, you can prove that you have the ability to protect Internet application security well in Alibaba Cloud.

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Course Goals
  • Through this course, you can understand the core of application security and some typical network attacks methodologies. You will master the core skills of application security on the cloud, including how to access Alibaba Cloud WAF, prevent SQL injection, prevent website tampering, prevent CC attacks, and how to conduct business risk management.
  • With easy-to-understand cases, graphic introduction and practical demos, you will learn what is application security, how to protect the application security risks. With 2 practical console demo videos, you will learn how to configure WAF step by step to prevent attacks like SQL injection, CC flood, etc.
Intended Audience
  • Cloud security administrator
  • Cloud security operator and manager
  • Anyone who wants to learn some knowledge about application security


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