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Alibaba Cloud Professional Certifications

Verify and demonstrate your technical expertise with an Alibaba Cloud certification

Cloud Computing

Big data


Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate (ACA)

Entry level for cloud beginners

ACA Cloud Computing Associate

Designed for beginners in cloud computing and junior engineers.

USD 120.00USD 200.00

ACA Big Data Associate

Designed for big data engineers seeking knowledge of big data concepts.

USD 120.00USD 200.00

ACA Cloud Security Associate

Designed for personnel who can use Security products for software and operations.

USD 120.00USD 200.00

Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional (ACP)

Professional level for experienced cloud engineers

ACP Cloud Computing Certification

Designed for anyone familiar with cloud computing.

USD 120.00USD 200.00

ACP Big Data Certificationn

Designed for individuals with expertise in Big Data.

USD 120.00USD 200.00

ACP Security Solutions Certification

Designed for security engineers who have experience in applying security operations.

USD 120.00USD 200.00

Alibaba Cloud Certified Expert (ACE)

For cloud engineers who are highly experienced in certain fields

ACE Cloud Computing Certification

Coming Soon

English | 90 minutes

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ACE Big Data Certification

Coming Soon

English | 90 minutes

Coming soon
ACE Cloud Security Certification

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English | 90 minutes

Coming soon

Apsara Clouder Technical Certifications

A light-weight certification that aims to help trainees quickly understand the cloud and its practical applications

Cloud Computing Specialist Certification

Use Alibaba Cloud CDN to Accelerate Your Content Globally

Alibaba Cloud Fundamental Architecture and Case Study

Construct a Dynamic Website (Cantonese)

An Introduction of DevOps

Internetworking with VPC

How to Build and Manage a Distributed Database System with DRDS

How to Manage Ultra Large Application with EDAS

3 Major Scenarios You Should Know to Migrate to Alibaba Cloud

Use Cloud Resources Flexibly According to Business Requirement

Deploy an Image Process Service Using Function Compute

Implement Blue-Green Deployment with Container Service

Mysql Database Concepts and Operations

Operate and Manage a Cloud Server (Cantonese)

Deploy an E-commerce Website

Publish a Static Website in China

Construct a Dynamic Website

Operate and Manage a Cloud Server

Operate and Manage a Relational Database on the Cloud

Operate and Manage Object Storage on the Cloud

Handle Large Traffic with Load Balancer

Big Data Specialist Certification

Machine Learning for Beginners - Linear Regression

Scale Python on Cloud

Machine Learning:Heart Disease Prediction

How to Migrate Data to Big Data Platform on the Cloud(French version)

A Quick Guide to Process Structured Data with Python

Introduction to Big Data Platform on the Cloud

How to Migrate Data to Big Data Platform on the Cloud

Quickly Generate Business Intelligence Diagrams with QuickBI

Quickly Generate Large Dashboards for Data Visualization

Cloud Security Specialist Certification

Use Anti-DDoS Basic and Pro to Defend DoS Attack

Web Application Attacks and Defense Deep Dive

Secure Your Data in Alibaba Cloud(French version)

Best Practice to Protect Your Servers on Alibaba Cloud

Secure Your Data on Alibaba Cloud

Cloud Platform Security Overview

Protect Your Web Application on Alibaba Cloud

Basic Skill Specialist Certification

Getting Started with Linux Server Management

Network Series Courses

JAVA Coding Standards in Alibaba Group