Alibaba Cloud Academy Certifications

Through learning about cloud computing and obtaining industry-standard certifications, our users will be able to progress their career or boost their own business. The Alibaba Cloud Academy offers a range of certifications fitting the user's desired education path and learning level. Get on the path to your next great journey in the cloud with Alibaba Cloud Academy certificates!

Certification Exam Comparison Table

Below is a table that covers the different certification offerings the Academy provides along with learning details and benefits

Certification Details Event Certification Clouder Certification Specialty Certification ACA Certification ACP Certification ACE Certification
Certification Details Free 0.01 USD (Select Courses) 49.9 USD 120 USD 120 USD 168 USD
Suitable for Entry-Level Engineers and Architects Role-Focused Engineers Entry-Level Engineers and Architects Mid-Level Engineers and Architects High-Level Architects and Administrators
Course Length 40-60 Minute Course 400-700 Minute Course 400-600 Minute Course 400-600 Minute Course Teacher Instruction
Type of Exam Free Online Exam Online Exam Online Exam Pearson VUE
(test center or online proctor)
Pearson VUE
(test center or online proctor)
Pearson VUE
(test center or online proctor)
Comes with Certificate and Badge
Community Influencer
Job Recommendations
MVP ”Green Pass”
Ticket to Apsara Conference

Recommended Coursework

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Operate and Manage a Cloud Server

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Cloud Platform Security Overview

Learn about Alibaba Cloud's security products line and their design strategy. So this course aims to help you better understand the transition from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud infrastructure including current information security best practices and trends.

Alibaba Cloud Network Solution

This course aims to help Alibaba Cloud users quickly understand Alibaba Cloud network products, so as to have the ability to select Alibaba Cloud Network services according to scenarios, to enable individual users or enterprise users to quickly understand cloud network technology.