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Two ways to join Alibaba Cloud Academy partnership:

Free Alibaba Cloud University Cooperation Program (AUCP)

The Alibaba Cloud University Cooperation Program (AUCP) is a global education program aiming to support schools and students around the world to gain access to Alibaba Cloud learning resources to nurture future talents in cloud computing, cloud security, and big data. School will need to verify that you are an accredited academic institution to take advantage of these offers.




  • Alibaba Cloud account
  • Alibaba Cloud usage credits
  • Support on Talent Development
  • Free Cloud + Training services
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Alibaba Cloud In depth University Cooperation(AUIP)

Cooperation between university and industry can bring benefits to the parties involved. Alibaba Cloud​ will provide professors with discounts to one of the most powerful computing ability in the world and online lab platform to facilitate the inclusion of cloud computing / Big Data / Security topics in their academic portfolios. Students will benefit from industry-leading training materials, online hands-on exercises, and discounted certification exams, providing them with tangible, market-recognized credentials in addition to their university degrees and future career.Contact us >

Alibaba Cloud Academy Facility

  • Learn and Get Online Apsara Clouder Certification
  • Get Professional Certification in the Industry
  • Online Hands-on Environment

Academy Customized Platform

  • Online E-Learning Portal
  • Abundant Training Resource Pool
  • Online Faculty, Student and Course Management

Digital Campus Solution

  • Cloud Infrastructure Platform
  • Data Collection / Analysis Platform
  • Education Applications

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