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Coming to China Online Market

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Tip: This course is associated with Coming to China Online Market. You must purchase the certification package before you are able to complete all lessons for a certificate.
Course Intro

With the development of globalization and digitization, China has become a huge and powerful consuming e-marketplace attracting more and more brands and entrepreneurs' attention around the world. Therefore, to better enter and engage with China e-market, having a whole picture of the target online market and carefully selecting a proper channel are really important  for getting yourself prepared before full investment. Only by understanding:

1) the status quo and potential of China online market;

2) the key differences between traditional trade and cross-border e-commerce;

3) the key requirements and insightful analysis of different e-commerce platforms within Alibaba’s ecosystem;

4) and the must-knows for investment decision-making, you can get yourself well-equipped for starting a new journey and entering a new and charming market.

The Coming to China Online Market Course is produced by Taobao University, Alibaba Group and specially designed for overseas entrepreneurs or international brand owner. Through this course, you can not only understand the potential of China online market and CBEC, but also obtain full knowledge of how to select a suitable channel to help successfully access to China market.

Intended Audience
  • Overseas entrepreneurs and brand owners who are interested in China market


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