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Tip: This course is associated with Networking Specialty. You must purchase the certification package before you are able to complete all lessons for a certificate.
5897402860887348 Course progress:0/61   2020-10-19
Is there no material that should be here before the course? I was confused and got a small grade
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5134999465487027 Course progress:55/55   2020-09-07
there is no Certification of Completion for such long course ?
  • stevexue 09-17
    Dear customer, as long as you have purchased the Networking Speciality course package, you may check My Learning-->My Certification-->Speciality, and you would find the "Enter Exam" button there to earn your speciality certificate.
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ToeyKung Course progress:55/55   2020-09-05
This course Should have more content about Global Acceleration (GA). Because many of the exams are ...
  • stevexue 09-09
    Dear customer, thank you for your valuable feedback and suggstions! We are going to take it into serious consideration in order to improve customer experience.
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