JAVA Coding Standards In Alibaba Group

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Tip: This course is associated with Alibaba JAVA Coding Guidelines. You must purchase the certification package before you are able to complete all lessons for a certificate.
Course Intro

As one of the most popular programming languages, Java's usage in cloud application development is also very high.

Nearly 10,000 Alibaba Java developers have learned from experience and experienced several large-scale front-line combat inspections and improvements. They have created a high-valuable Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines and are open to the industry, hoping to make your development team more efficient, fault-tolerant and collaborative, and also improving code quality and reducing maintenance costs in Java development. 

This certification exam is based on a selection of 50 questions in the “Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines” to test whether your coding habits comply with this specification or not, and issue the “Alibaba Coding Guideline” certificate.

Course Goals
  • Learn Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines
  • Improve code quality
  • Improve the efficiency of team development collaboration
Intended Audience
  • Java Developer


Solution Architect