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Certification ACE Cloud Computing Certification

ACE Cloud Computing Certification

Pass the Alibaba Cloud Expert Certification exam to prove your mastery of Alibaba Cloud technologies

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Exam Duration
150 Minutes
Exam Questions
75 Questions
USD 168.00
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Alibaba Cloud Expert Certification(ACE) is designed for users who are highly experienced in certain technical fields based in Alibaba Cloud. This certificate provides individuals in a large variety of cloud and technology roles to validate their knowledge in Alibaba Cloud Computing. The certificate qualifies their advanced technical skills and experience on designing distributed applications and systems on Alibaba Cloud.

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Exam Overview

  • Certification: ACE Cloud Computing Certification
  • Test type: Enter exam platform to choose. Both online and offline testing is offered.
  • Available Languages: English
  • Exam Score: 150 Score(Full Score) & 90 Score(Passing Score)
  • Attention 1: Please note if you want to take the same certification exam again, you must have at least 14 days gap between the 2 exams.
  • Attention 2: Please note that this product is not refundable after purchase.
  • Registration Fee: USD 168.00

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