Project AsiaForward
Retail Industry Enablement Course


The Project AsiaForward Retail Industry Enablement Course with Accenture & Majorel is a 3-lesson course providing the needy knowledge for you to soar above your competitors with Alibaba Cloud, Accenture, and Majorel's cloud solutions.

Learn what solutions Alibaba Cloud, Accenture, and Majorel offer to help your innovate in the Retail Industry, and how to turn that into success with the best practices we shared.

Target Audience

Organizations for whom the retail industry is the key area of their business

Organizations using new retail services to augment or enhance their business

Companies evaluating Alibaba Cloud's Retail Solutions for their needs


Course List


Video Course

Insights and Opportunities for Retail in the New Digital Economy

The rise of digital economy brings new ways to engage with customers, new revenue stream, and new tools for operation and supply chain. To better adapt to them, Alibaba Cloud's New Retail Solutions are ready for you.

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TBD - Accenture

TBD - Accenture

Consumer Engagement Solution for Consumer Goods Industry - Majorel

What are the trends for consumer goods industry? How to overcome the challenge and seize the opportunity that brought by consumer behaviour change with Majorel's solution? This lesson is provided by Majorel.

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