Project AsiaForward
Financial Services Industry Enablement Course


The Project AsiaForward Financial Services Industry Enablement Course with Fortinet & KPMG is a 3-lesson course providing the needy knowledge for you to soar above your competitors.

Learn what solutions Alibaba Cloud, KPMG, and Fortinet offer to help you innovate in the FSI industry, and how to turn that into success with the best practices we shared.

Target Audience

Organizations for whom the FSI industry is the key area of their business

Organizations using financial services to augment or enhance their business

Companies evaluating Alibaba Cloud's financial solutions for their needs


Course List


Video Course

Cloud Enables Digital Transformation for Financial Services Institutions

Turn your financial services know-how into business success with Alibaba Cloud best practices.

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Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector in Asia Pacific - KPMG

IT Governance and Data Governance will be the two crucial pillors for your growth in the digital era. How to better adopt such solutions? This lesson from KPMG will help you find out.

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Hong Kong Banking and Insurance Digital Transformation and Industry Trends 2022 - KPMG

What to expect in 2022 for banking and insurance industry in Hong Kong? How will banks and insurers evolve in the coming 10 years? This lesson from KPMG will help you find out.

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Secure The New Digital Finance Experience In Cloud - Fortinet

While cloud is accelerating organization's transformation, there have been new threats and new risks. Hence the introduction of an adaptive cloud security solution. This lesson is provided by Fortinet.

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Alibaba Cloud Financial Services Solutions

Alibaba Cloud’s robust infrastructure and best practices enable your financial services business to translate its deep industry know-how into success.
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Click here to download Alibaba Cloud 2021 Financial Digital Transformation Whitepaper, learn more information about Financial Services Industry.