Apache Flink for Beginners
Apache Flink for Beginners
Bootcamp overview
  • Course Code
  • Level
  • Delivery Language
  • Type
    In person
  • Location
    Hyatt Regency San Francisco
  • Training Duration
    2 days
This is a fast-moving, hands-on training course for Java and Scala developers who are new to Flink and who want to learn what Flink offers for developing streaming applications. We will cover all of the core concepts and hard-to-pick-up-on-your-own topics from our regular Apache Flink Developer’s course, and the remaining materials from that course will be made available to you for self-paced follow-up afterward.
For the hands-on exercises, you will need a computer with at least 8 GB RAM (MacOS, Linux, or Windows). You’ll also need to have these tools installed: ① Git ② Java 8 or 11 JDK (a JRE is not sufficient) ③ An IDE for Java (or Scala) development (we recommend IntelliJ)
Training Schedule
  • 📅 August 1st - 2nd, 2022
    🕛 9AM - 5PM PDT (8 hours with lunch and refreshments provided)
Key Topics
  • Streaming and the Flink Runtime
  • Working with Managed, Keyed State
  • Checkpointing and Exactly-once Guarantees
  • Event-time Processing and Watermarks
  • Process Functions and Timers
  • Flink SQL for Windowing and Joins
  • Using Kafka with Flink
  • Hands-on exercises (The hands-on exercises will reinforce best practices and will show you how to get started developing applications for common use cases, including ETL, analytics, and event-driven data pipelines.)