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Operate and Manage a Cloud Server


  • Training
  • ACT81009 Alibaba Cloud Database Solutions
ACT81009 Alibaba Cloud Database Solutions
  • Training
  • ACT81009 Alibaba Cloud Database Solutions
ACT81009 Alibaba Cloud Database Solutions
Course at a Glance
  • Training Number
  • Type
    Offline classroom training
  • Class Duration
    1 Day(7 Hours)
  • Available Languages
    English, Chinese
  • Hands-on Labs
    4 Hands-on Labs
This course is designed to help our audience to know details of Alibaba Cloud offered fully managed database services. Our database solutions also provide capabilities to monitor, backup, and recover your database automatically so that you can fully focus on your business development. To provide more stable and scalable database services, Alibaba Cloud also optimized the source code based on the open-source database engines. In this course, you will learn our full database services portfolio such as ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL and ApsaraDB RDS for PPAS, Redis, POLARDB, DTS, etc.
Recommended For
Sales, Solution Architect, DB operator
  • Develop a full understanding of Alibaba Cloud’s Database products portfolio
  • Know how Alibaba Cloud use different products to cover OLTP, OLAP, NoSQL and even HTAP related business data processing scenarios
  • Get hands-on experience on different Alibaba Cloud database products console
Training Outline
  • Alibaba Cloud Database Products Overview
  • Alibaba Cloud OLTP Database Products including RDS, PolarDB, etc.
  • Alibaba Cloud NoSQL Database Products including Tair, MongoDB, etc.
  • Alibaba Cloud OLAP Database Products including ADB, etc.
  • Alibaba Cloud Database Tools and Utilities Utilities including DMS, DTS, DBS, etc.
  • Alibaba Cloud Database Reference Architects
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