Big Data Analyst Bootcamp
Big Data Analyst Bootcamp
Bootcamp Introduction
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    3 days (3 hours each day)
This bootcamp teaches the skills required to analyze and visualize data on Alibaba Cloud using the major components of the Alibaba Cloud Big Data toolkit, including DataWorks, MaxCompute, DataV, and QuickBI. Through several hands-on exercises, attendees will learn how to apply Alibaba Cloud’s big data tools to real world problems.
Recommended For
Data Scientists and Data Analysts looking to work with Alibaba Cloud’s Big Data tools.
Training Verification
  • Hands-on lab exercises
  • Daily quizzes
Training Outline
  • Day One
    ☑ Introduction to Data Analysis with DataWorks and MaxCompute
    ☑ Scenario 1: Data Development with MaxCompute & DataWorks
    ☑ E-MapReduce on Alibaba Cloud
    ☑ Scenario 2: Run a Spark Job On EMR
    ☑ Daily Quiz
    ☑ Recap and Q&A
  • Day Two
    ☑ Data Development Basics
    ☑ Advanced Data Development
    ☑ Scenario 3: Develop Python UDFs
    ☑ Daily Quiz
    ☑ Recap and Q&A
  • Day Three
    ☑ Using Your Data: Model Building and Visualization
    ☑ Scenario 4: Use PAI to train a Machine Learning Model
    ☑ Scenario 5: Publish a Data API with DataService Studio
    ☑ Daily Quiz
    ☑ Recap and Q&A