Public Cloud Automated O&M
Public Cloud Automated O&M
Bootcamp Introduction
  • Course Code
  • Languages
    English, Chinese
  • Delivery Mode
    3 days (3 hours each day)
This bootcamp introduces Alibaba Cloud O&M related products. Provides hands-on experiments which includes monitoring Alibaba Cloud resources, best practices in implementing log service, implementing different cloud resources' automatic lifecycle management.
Recommended For
Service Partner, Enterprise Customer
Training Verification
  • Hands on test passed
  • 80% knowledge test passed
Training Outline
  • Alibaba Cloud O & M related products overview
  • Usage of automated O & M tools for ECS – OOS (hands-on lab)
  • Usage of automated O & M tools – Terraform and LogicComposer (hands-on lab)
  • Resource monitoring – CloudMonitor (hands-on lab)
  • Log Service best practice – Log Service (hands-on lab)
  • Database online management – DMS (hands-on lab)
  • Usage of Automated configuration audit and Operation audit tools – CloudConfig and ActionTrail (hands-on lab)