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ACT81003 DevOps on the Cloud
ACT81003 DevOps on the Cloud
Class at a Glance
  • Training Number
  • Type
    Offline classroom training
  • Class Duration
    1 Day(7 Hours)
  • Available Languages
    English, Chinese
  • Hands-on Labs
    4 Hands-on Labs
"DevOps on the Cloud" is a course designed to enable Developers, Technical Operators, Solution Design Engineers with the deployment and management skills of core Alibaba Cloud products. The course describes the idea of DevOps and covers the specific Alibaba Cloud features and tools related.
Recommended For
Developers, DevOps Engineers
  • Understand the concept of DevOps and how Alibaba Cloud products can support it
  • Know the best practice for DevOps enterprise adoption
  • Get hands-on opportunities to operate through Alibaba Cloud console for container service on K8S
Training Outline
  • Alibaba Cloud services overview
  • Introduction of DevOps background and fundamental concepts
  • Suggestions for organization structure and IT infrastructure to better support DevOps concepts implementation
  • Infrastructure As Code solutions introduction – Terraform, ROS, etc.
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment – Git, Jenkins, Container Service on K8S, etc.
  • Resource monitoring and auditing – Cloud Monitor, RAM, Log Service, ActionTrail, etc.
  • Recap and Summary
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