DTS ACP Big Data Training Playback - Day 1

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Course Intro

In these two training sessions, our trainer Matthew spends two full day sessions to teach the end to end big data development from data import, data integration, development, all the way to showing where PAI (our AI platform) can fit in this pipeline. Matthew also spends time to discuss how underlying this pipeline, there is a data governance stack to increase the quality of life of developers and speed up development time. Some other topics include data visualization tools, data stack security features, optimization, scheduling, and how all of this fit into context of how to pass the ACP Big Data exam. 4 labs are included across 2 days. In Day 1, the labs are about data development with MaxCompute CLI and DataWorks SDK. For Day 2, the labs are about using EMR for creative a Hive data warehouse and submitting a Spark Job (applied to Harry Potter text!). The content is taught with reference to many real world examples and is delivered in Indonesian.


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