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Tip: This course is associated with Analyze Log Data with Alibaba Cloud Big Data Platform. You must purchase the certification package before you are able to complete all lessons for a certificate.
Course Intro

Many interesting analyses can be done on data from the usage of website log: You can know the distribution of customers with the IP address information, understand how attractive your site is through the number of PV and UV, let you pay more attention to your system at the rush hour which you can get from the timestamp, learn which product does you customers like best and which search engine your customs most likely to use. This course is driven by business problems and make a comparison between Hadoop and Alibaba Cloud Big Data platform, let customers make better decisions.

Course Goals
  • In this Clouder you will learn the values you can get from the semi-structured log data using Alibaba Big Data platform
Intended Audience
  • Anyone who wants to get a quick start of Alibaba Big Data Platform


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