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Looking to start or boost a career in the IT industry? Studying specific skills will help you get a role as an architect, engineer, analyst, or administrator. Our specialty accreditation programs discuss the workflow behind the most popular jobs in the IT industry and give step-by-step guides on the best practices of Alibaba Cloud products.


Accreditation Paths

Listed on the far left are the categories for the specialty accreditations. Within each category are the accreditation paths. Users may take courses individually or take the final test directly to receive the certification. Courses can be purchased as a bundle through the "Buy Package" option. Upon completing the final test the certificate will be posted to the user's account.

Cloud Migration

The Alibaba Cloud Migration Specialty Accreditation Learning Path introduces all the solutions you should know to migrate your IT infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud. In this learning path, we introduce application migration, data migration, and database migration-related tools, utilities, and methodologies. After completing this course, you will have a full understanding of Alibaba Cloud’s migration solutions and be able to plan and implement an IT infrastructure migration on your own.

Course Objectives

Know how to migrate your applicaiton, data and database into Alibaba Cloud with different tools and utilites. Especially know how to do Oracle migration to Alibaba Cloud PolarDB with ADAM speical help.

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USD 4.99
Original Price: USD 49.90

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