Specialty Certification Bootcamp

Alibaba Cloud's specialties are now online and with a special Bootcamp event, we will give 3-hour seminars on each of the disciplines with videos from our top trainers. After each day, the instructor will be offering an exam where users can get certified immediately.

Bootcamp Introduction
Specialty Certification Bootcamp is a three-part event featuring three-hour videos summarizing the DevOps, Networking, and Data Analytics specialty certification program. Videos will be delivered by Alibaba Cloud lecturers and broadcasted on three separate days: October 9, October 16, and October 23. Finally, there is no charge for the activity. After each day, there will be a specialty exam with a certification!

Roger Wang

Networking Training Advisor

Jeremy Pedersen

Data Analysis Training Advisor

Bootcamp Flow
Fill in the form and receive the details by email
Watch the live broadcast on zoom
Received specialty exam code
Take and pass the specialty exam
Bootcamp Registration
Registration time: Sept 22 - Oct 8

Sept 22 - Oct 8 Online Activity Registration

Oct 9 Zoom Data Analytics Training+Specialty Exam

Oct 16 Zoom Network Training+Specialty Exam

Oct 23 Zoom DevOps Training+Specialty Exam

Lecturer Profile

Jeremy Pedersen

Jeremy is a passionate technologist who is excited about the opportunities created when small and medium-size businesses embrace the cloud. He has over ten years of experience in the IT sector and holds a Masters in Computer Vision.

Roger Wang

Roger Wang is Network Solutions Architect in Alibaba Cloud, focusing on SDN, SDWAN and Hybrid-cloud technology to help customers from different industries with high quality, low-latency, resilient and flexible cloud network solutions.

Steve Xue

Steve Xue is a training advisor who provides online and offline training courses and delivery services to our customers globally. Steve's main areas of focus are Cloud Computing and Security.

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1. When can I register specialty Certification Bootcamp online activity?

The validity period of the application form is Sept 22- Oct 8 2020.

2. How do I use the test code received by mail?

The specialty exam code issued by email needs to be bound to your Alibaba Cloud account through the link in the email guide within 1 month, otherwise, the specialty exam code will be invalid.

3. What certifications can I obtain for this activity?

Including Devops, Network, Big Data Analyst certifications.

4. If I have other questions, how do I contact the event organizer?

If you have any questions, please email: intl_training@list.alibaba-inc.com.

5. Whats the Difference between Specialty Certification and Professional Certification?

The Specialty certification is a set of single certification courses that have been arranged to train a user to satisfy a certain role or career within the IT industry. The professional certification give a broader overview of an entire product and service offering of Alibaba Cloud and provides more tools for developers and operators looking to build a comprehensive Alibaba Cloud solution.