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Predicting Coupon Efficacy
Predicting Coupon Efficacy
Clouder at a Glance
  • Video Course Duration
    90 Minutes
  • Exam Questions
    15 Questions
  • Available Languages
USD 19.99
This course is designed to help engineers who want to do data mining work. You will fully understand the workflow of data mining and the core ideas of Desition Tree and GBDT algorithm. You will also be familiar with convenient and efficient ML service on Alibaba Cloud platform.
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This training is for people who have basic coding and data analysis experience
Exam Overview
  • Certification:
    Apsara Clouder - Big Data: Predicting Coupon Efficacy
  • Duration:
    30 Minutes
  • Type:
  • Available Languages:
  • Registration Fee:
    USD 19.99
Predicting Coupon Efficacy
Through this course, you will fully understand the main step of data mining: business analysis,feature engineering and model construction, and can do your own project on Alibaba Cloud.
Show Details
  • Index
  • Background
  • Business analysis introduction
  • Organizing thinking introduction
  • Feature engineering introduction
  • Model construction introduction
  • Model fusion introduction
  • Summary
  • Experimental operation reference
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