Using OSS to Publish a Static Website
Using OSS to Publish a Static Website
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Learn how to publish a static website using Alibaba Cloud services and complete the ICP process.
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Using OSS to Publish a Static Website
Quickly learn how to publish a static website using OSS.
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Publish a Static Website Overview
Hey guys in this section will talk about what you need to host a static website. But first, let's talk about what is a static website compared with a dynamic website. Static websites consist of a series of html files, each one representing a fiscal page of our website, so on static sites, each page is a separate html file. For example, when you visit the home page, you are viewing the actual home page file. Moreover, if two pages contain a chunk of identical content, such as the same filter, if you want to update the filter, you must do so twice. So once on the first page, and once on the second page. On the other hand, a dynamic website uses server-side languages such as PHP to dynamically build a web page when a user visits the page. What happens is the user goes to a certain web address, and then the server finds a bunch of different pieces of information that it writes into a single, cohesive web page, and finally presents the page to the user in this page. We present the comparison between static and dynamic website. You can see from the table compared to static website, in a dynamic website, content is generated dynamically and changes regularly. It uses a service side language such as PHP and GSP for developing a website and in a dynamic website it may generate different html for each of the requests. Also, the page contains server-side code that allows the server to generate the unique content when the page is loaded. And finally, when building a dynamic website, a content management system also known as CMS is often used to save the development time and take advantage on its rich plug-ins. We know the difference between static and dynamic websites. Finally, let's talk about, what do you need when hosting a static website. Publishing a static website, you will need is a web server running http server service like apache, or an engine on it, and finally upload your steady web page to the appropriate directory. Yet there's another way to do it, which is, you can use a web hosting service or service that supports web hosting, upload your steady webpage to it and leave the underlying om tasks to the service provider. First way is you use a web server, which in Alibaba Cloud is using out ECS to get a cloud server and run HTTP server service like a jinx on it. The second way is using a web hosting service in Alibaba Cloud. We suggest using OSS, since OSS is a service that supports web hosting, also using OSS is more convenient when comparing the O&M costs when using OSS and ECS. We'll talk more about this in the next session.
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