Use SLB to Handle Bursts of Heavy Traffic
Use SLB to Handle Bursts of Heavy Traffic
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Increased traffic, often results in a delayed response from web servers or even a halt in service. Load balancing lies in "sharing." When massive traffic is detected, the traffic is distributed to multiple servers to improve the external service capability of the website and avoid the impact of a single point failure. In this online course, we teach the basics of load balancing, principles and scenarios, and master cloud platform load balancing features and usage.
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Junior Developers and Cloud Beginners
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    Apsara Clouder - Cloud Computing Specialist Certification: Use SLB to handle large traffic to your website
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    45 Minues
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    USD 10.00
Use SLB to handle increased traffic to your website.
Learn to use Alibaba Cloud's SLB to help your website to handle large bursts of traffic
Show Details
  • Introduction to load balancing
  • Alibaba Cloud SLB components
  • Alibaba Cloud SLB architecture
  • Use SLB for disaster tolerance
  • Alibaba Cloud SLB security
  • Configure a SLB with 4 backend servers in 2 different zones (console demo)
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