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MySQL for Beginners - Basic Queries
MySQL for Beginners - Basic Queries
Clouder at a Glance
  • Video Course Duration
    41 Minutes
  • Available Languages
  • Course Type
USD 10.00
This course is the first class of Alibaba Cloud MySQL for Beginners series. It mainly introduces the usage of SELECT statement and its clauses,It also describes how to use warning and error messages to troubleshoot problems in MySQL and how to set SQL mode and how the SQL mode affects the intepretation of SQL syntax.
Recommended For
Data analysis beginners, Database beginners
Exam Overview
  • Certification:
    Apsara Clouder - Big Data: MySQL for Beginners - Basic Queries
  • Exam Type:
  • Available Languages:
  • Exam Duration:
    30 Minutes
  • No. of Exam Attempts:
    2 Times
MySQL for Beginners - Basic Queries
Basic query statements in MySQL.
Show Details
  • Course objective
  • SELECT Basics
  • SELECT Statement with WHERE
  • SELECT Statement with ORDER BY, and LIMIT
  • Troubleshoot
  • SQL modes for SQL syntax
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