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Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute-Data Transmission
Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute-Data Transmission
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    50 Minutes
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USD 10.00
This course simply explains the data channel service - Tunnel. We will introduce its characteristics and common parameters, grasps the method of uploading and downloading data by using the Tunnel command. We will also learn the development process and common problems in the development of Tunnel SDK. Students can refer to the application cases explained, combined with their own business needs, adopt appropriate data transmission scheme.
Recommended For
System architect, Database engineer
Exam Overview
  • Certification:
    Apsara Clouder - Big Data: Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute-Data Transmission
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  • Available Languages:
  • Exam Duration:
    30 Minutes
  • No. of Exam Attempts:
    2 Times
Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute-Data Transmission
Introduce MaxCompute's data channel service (Tunnel).
Show Details
  • Tunnel command
  • Tunnel command parameter
  • Introduction of Tunnel SDK
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