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Malicious Code Mechanism Deep Dive
Malicious Code Mechanism Deep Dive
Clouder at a Glance
  • Video Course Duration
    58 Minutes
  • Exam Questions
    15 Questions
  • No. of Exam Attempts
    2 Times
  • Available Languages
USD 10.00
For hosts running in a network environment, they are constantly facing attacks and damage from malicious code. These malicious codes are transmitted in a variety of ways, and the level of harm is not the same. Through this course, you can not only understand the common ways of malicious code classifying and spreading, but also have a deeper understanding of the attack principles of remote control, ransomware, and webshell.
Recommended For
Cloud Host Security Administrator, Cloud host Operation and Maintenance Personnel, Network Security Administrator
Exam Overview
  • Certification:
    Apsara Clouder - Cloud Security: Malicious Code Mechanism Deep Dive
  • Duration:
    30 Minutes
  • Type:
  • Available Languages:
  • Registration Fee:
    USD 10.00
Malicious Code Mechanism Deep Dive
Learn through this course to understand the types of common malicious code and understand how three typical malicious code works.
Show Details
  • Index
  • What is malicious code
  • How does malicious code work
  • Introduction to Trojan Huigezi
  • What is virus ransomware
  • Introduction to WebShell attack
  • Recap
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