Getting Started with Linux Server Management
Getting Started with Linux Server Management
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This course includes the following four parts of knowledges. The first part will have a brief introduction of the linux history and various distributions, also will show the filesystem structure of Linux system. The second part will give us introdution about a core part of Linux-user management, which is related to file privilege management. The third part is about the LVM tool usage, which is the most common used volume management tool on Linux platform. The last part will be a overall introdution about all kinds of commands which is very common used on Linux platform in daily operation and also monitoring. After finishing this course, trainees will have a junior ability to administrate Linux operation system.
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Junior Linux System Administrator
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    Apsara Clouder - General Skill: Getting Started with Linux Server Management
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Getting Started with Linux Server Management
This course introduces the Linux history, system architecture, operation and maintenance architecture, and common commands in daily management.
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  • Linux Brief Introduction
  • Linux User Management
  • Linux LVM Management
  • Linux Common Command and Performance Monitor
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