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ACA Cloud Native Exam Preparation Course
ACA Cloud Native Exam Preparation Course
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    410 Minutes
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This course demonstrates how to use Alibaba Cloud Container Service and Container Registry Service to design and develop architectures related to cloud native applications, services, and security solutions. This course helps you understand the basic concepts of cloud native, the commercial implementation of container technology and Kubernetes technology as well as extra benefits provided by Alibaba Cloud. This course is intended to prepare users to take the Alibaba Cloud Native ACA certification exam.
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Cloud Native Solution Architect, Container Operation Engineer, Cloud Native Application Developer
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    ACA Cloud Native Exam Preparation Course
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    ACA Cloud Native Certification
Welcome to the World of Cloud Native
Why the IT industry now so crazy about cloud native? This is the question we want to answer. So the first benefit that cloud native bring to us is to avoid the vendor lock in. The whole world of cloud native is actually built on top of a large number of open source software. You can actually check them on different platforms. All of these software can be deployed on cloud or public cloud, private cloud, or even your data center. So there's no vendor locking every piece of software here is self-diagnostic, you can deploy the software technology on any provider you want. The Second benefit is cloud native will help you to enable unlimited scalability. So all of the technology can be deployed in scale, for example, in a single node on your laptop, but it can also be deployed in tens of thousands of self healing tenants node. For example, Alibaba today running more than ten Kubernetes clusters and each cluster have more than tens of thousands of nodes, which serves the web scale workloads in, for example, double eleven shopping festival. The third benefit of cloud native is maintainability, because the heart of the cloud native is micro services container and immutable infrastructure. So comparing to work machines or the traditional form of cloud computing technology, the container based technology give you more ability to build the platform, which is more agile and more easy to maintain. Because they still read the container as immutable infrastructure. So you're free to destroy the structure at your will, nothing will change. And the content technology, like Docker, like ContainerD, will enable you to deploy application in microsoft manner. If your container speed much faster than your workload, they the work machine workload that either key, that's why the cloud native technology can bring you efficiency and durability. So you can build your platform, you can build your business even much more faster than you were before. And the next benefits from cloud native is it helped you actually improve the efficiency and it resource utilization. This is really important for large organizations, like Alibaba, Tencent Cloud, and even Google and Microsoft. So by leveraging cloud native technology to build container centric orchestration system can be actually dynamically manage and schedule your micro services or your best machine learning algorithm. So for example, in Alibaba, we actually manage more than millions of containers by using Kubernetes. And this Kubernetes can dynamically allocate your workloads to the node to deepen cluster based on the latency based on the resource usage of my cluster of your a whole picture of workloads based on the customer needs based on machine learning algorithm. So in a nut shell Cloud Native today is not a simple technology. It's not the technology, it's now your competitive advantage. It's how you will build your business, your platform in time of cloud computing. So please enjoy your journey. Thank you.