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Introduction of HBase
Introduction of HBase
Clouder at a Glance
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    54 Minutes
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We will introduce some fundamental concepts in hbase, like table, column, column family and so on. Then we come to a detailed elaboration of some hbase operations, such as get, scan, put, delete and so on. Next we compared HBase and the relational database to help you understand the differences between the two. And finally we focused on HBase shell and introduce some basic shell commands.
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This training is for DBAs or big data learners who want to get started with HBase learning
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  • Certification:
    Apsara Clouder - Big Data: Introduction of HBase
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    30 Minutes
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    2 Times
Introduction of HBase
Through this course, you will learn some fundamental concepts, some basic hbase operations and shell commands.
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  • Index
  • Basic HBase Concepts
  • Basic HBase Operations
  • HBase vs. RDBMS
  • HBase Shell
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