Alibaba Cloud x MongoDB Bootcamp

How to Complete the Bootcamp

To complete the bootcamp, you will need to get the MongoDB Free Tier and successfully pass all the hands-on labs. Our labs will be there to support and guide you throughout the program to ensure your success. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion, which will be evidence of your achievement and dedication to your personal and professional growth.

Watch Online Courses

Participants will have to watch online courses that cover the topics mentioned above. These courses will be provided online and can be accessed at any time.

Get ApsaraDB for MongoDB Free Tier

Before conducting the hands-on labs, please make sure you have received the free tier.

Take Online Hands-On Labs

After completing the online courses, participants will be required to take TWO hands-on labs.

Finish the Labs and Get a Certification

Participants who finish the labs will receive a certification of completion. This certification will attest to their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

  • Course Overview
    Time Commitment:
         71 minutes
  • Labs Overview
    Labs Duration:
         20 minutes for each
MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases in the world today, known as the "Most Wanted Database by Developers." With its highly flexible and scalable document structure, MongoDB can help enterprise developers quickly develop applications and address various use cases.

Alibaba Cloud cooperated with MongoDB to offer a bootcamp for developers to get started or refresh their skills with Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB.

Furthermore, you will learn the basic principles of MongoDB, industry best practices, and hands-on practices in the Bootcamp. Start to learn MongoDB's popular scenarios and practice your skills with ApsaraDB for MongoDB! Now you can earn an Alibaba Cloud x MongoDB Bootcamp certification!
Prepare for Labs
Lessons Overview
Show Details
  • Session 1: Introduction to ApsaraDB for MongoDB
  • Session 2: MongoDB Mechanisms
  • Session 3: MongoDB Gaming Solution and Best Practice
  • Session 4: How to develop with ApsaraDB for MongoDB
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