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Alibaba Cloud Academy 14 Day Challenge

Challenge Round 12 Start from November 23: Pass 3 of the Selected Clouders to win a FREE ACA Certification Exam.


1. What are the steps to take this challenge?

1. Pass 3 selected Clouder exams within the challenge duration.
2. Fill the application form on the top of this page to get your free ACA Certification exam, and you are able to select the exam time works for you.
3. It will take up to 5 work days for our team to review and reply your application, please wait patiently.

2. Why haven’t I received the reply after finished 3 Clouder exams?

1. Our team needs a few work days to review the application, and we will reach to you as soon as the result comes out.
2. The activity requires applicants to finish 3 Clouder exams, if you apply with free quiz results, that will not help you to get a free ACA certification exam.

3. When can I receive the exam details?

You will receive an exam confirmation email from Alibaba Cloud Academy 2 work days before the exam. The email will include all the information needed during the exam.

4. Can I take the challenge again if I have passed it?

The academy team lunched this challenge to encourage all participants learning quickly, obtaining a certain amount of knowledge of Alibaba Cloud products and services. Therefore, all participants are very welcome to take multiple rounds of the challenge.