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Alibaba SMART Scholarship Program

A digital talent nurturing program with Alibaba‘s Key University Partners


A digital talent nurturing program will be launched jointly with Alibaba Cloud’s Key University Partners at the 2023 Alibaba Cloud Developer Summit in Jakarta on Jan 10, 2023.

Program Objective

Help university graduates gain useful work experience and engage in the local digital community

Time Frame

3 Months through Summer Break from June to August

Number of Interns

A total of 20 interns per year with maximum 3 interns per university

Internship Deliverables

Team orientation, supervisory guidance, hands-on work, cloud technology training and certification, etc. will be arranged during the internship to help interns fit in and gain skills

Program Calendar

Selected local university graduates join the local Alibaba Cloud team for a well-designed internship program.

Internship Jobs

Take intern job positions with Alibaba Cloud team to gain real-world professional experience in cloud computing industry.

Solutions Architect

Business Development