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Alibaba Cloud Academic Empowerment Program (AAEP)
Bring the digital intelligence knowledge to academies worldwide
Alibaba Cloud for Professors & Students
  • Special offering for students with cloud resources and e-learning courses
  • Educator Cloud curriculum accreditation and experimental resources
  • Joint innovation & research program
  • Academic customized learning solution and digital campus

Student Development

Students at member institutions will receive multiple supports from Alibaba Cloud including free server , free training & certification, AI Competition opportunities and be advocates for Alibaba Cloud.Apply Now>

Student Server

  • Free ECS for Students at member institutions

On-line Clouder

  • 10 Apsara Clouder Courses
  • 1 ACA Certification for Member Instituation Students

Student Ambassador

  • Award for student advocates for Alibaba Cloud
  • Special package and certificates
  • Exclusive training from Alibaba Cloud experts
  • Invitation to local community events

Educator Expansion

Educators at member institutions will receive multiple supports from Alibaba Cloud including free training, educator server, MVP opportunities and hands-on lab.Program Terms & Conditions>

"Train the Trainer" program

Educator Server

Alibaba Cloud MVP

Hands-on labs

Researcher Program

Researchers at member institutions will have opportunities to access to the world-class research resources.

Alibaba Innovative Research (AIR)

  • Financial support, dataset / database management support and other necessary support for innovative research projects
  • Opportunities to collaborate with Alibaba scientists

Alibaba Research Fellowship (ARF)

  • Visiting research scholar opportunities at Alibaba Facilities
  • Datasets and relevant industrial needs in cloud computing scenarios
  • Financial support for visiting and relevant cost

Alibaba Talent Program (ATP)

  • Outstanding PhD students opportunities co-supervised by member institutions and Alibaba on research Innovation

Academic Learning Solution

Alibaba Cloud Academy can help institution to establish a customized e-learning platform with Alibaba Cloud training and practice resources. Provide more efficient learning management and more flexible training experience.Contact us >

Alibaba Cloud Academy Facility

  • Learn and Get Online Apsara Clouder Certification
  • Get Professional Certification in the Industry
  • Online Hands-on Environment

Academy Customized Platform

  • Online E-Learning Portal
  • Abundant Training Resource Pool
  • Online Faculty, Student and Course Management

Digital Campus Solution

  • Cloud Infrastructure Platform
  • Data Collection / Analysis Platform
  • Education Applications

Cooperative Universities