Data Development with DataWorks and MaxCompute

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How to use DataWorks and MaxCompute
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Course Intro

As an important Platform as a service (PaaS) product in Alibaba Cloud product portfolios. Alibaba Cloud DataWorks offers users a one-stop solution for data integration, data management, and data governance. DataWorks relies on MaxCompute as its underlying layer and provides features that apply to scenarios such as data mining, cloud data warehouse creation, as well as offline processing and analysis. DataWorks helps you transmit and convert data and perform additional data operations. This course will guide you the basic operation of Data Acquisition, Data Processing and Data Quality Monitoring by using DataWorks and MaxCompute.

Course Goals
  • Understand Alibaba Cloud DataWorks and MaxCompute
Intended Audience
  • This training is for people who have database experience
  • Big data enthusiast


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