Persona Building of Housing Resource

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Basic data and business of second-hand housing transactions
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Course Intro

IHouse is a second-hand housing transaction intermediary company, the company database precipitates a large number of second-hand housing related housing information, owners, broker operation data, but the data are scattered in different databases, not convenient for products, operations, analysis, algorithm personnel use. 

The company hopes that the data warehouse team can integrate the housing, the house source and the related broker operating data in various systems and various business links to form a perfect housing picture information to support the product iteration, improve the operation efficiency, facilitate the data analysis and provide complete characteristic data for the legal person, and carry out the depth of the data. Analysis and exploration. 

Based on the portrait, it is hoped that the data warehouse team will provide analysis reports on the common dimension to meet the daily operation report requirements.

Intended Audience
  • Cloud server users, Big Data technology enthusiasts


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