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Digital Talent Program - Big Data
Strengthen your ability to take in, manage, and analyze Big Data on Alibaba Cloud
Why Study Big Data with Alibaba Cloud?
Alibaba Group, which has evolved from a local e-commerce company into a global technology pioneer, engineered the Double 11 event using big data algorithms, complex IT architectures, and sophisticated software and data applications. It uses cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality, cloud computing, and mobile internet, all within a highly secure perimeter. Such technologies drive the company’s online marketplaces and facilitate trading to accurately suit the demands of buyers and sellers.
Introduction to the Digital Talent Program
The Digital Talent Program is a series of free courses given to Alibaba Cloud Academy students who have successfully obtained a certfication from one of our Big Data Clouder courses. Participants will be offered a set of courses that detail the use of Big Data management tools deployed on Alibaba Cloud. After obtaining a certification from one of the the Clouder courses (listed below) , students may apply to the Digital Talent Program to receive a promotional code to take the classes. After completing a set of big data courses, we ask that students share their experience, give feedback, and tell us more about how they plan to use what they learned.
Digital Talent Program Course List
Programming BasicsAs one of the most popular languages in data analysis and data science, Python has become a must-have skill for data practitioners. In this section, we will introduce how to use python for basic data analysis and how to use Alibaba Cloud to scale Python.
Data AnalysisIntroduction of 2 import data process platform in Alibaba Group, one is Hadoop based E-MapReduce, and the other is Apsara Based MaxCompute + DataWorks .
User CasesPractical cases and user scenarios.
VisualizationBy using data visualization, data can be displayed through a dashboard intuitively and understandably. This course can help the data scientists learn how to create report and large panels using Alibaba Cloud's Quick BI and DataV.
Data ScienceIntroduce some basic Machine Learning algorithms and how to apply them on Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform - PAI.
Pass a Big Data Clouder course to enter the Digital Talent Program
Any users who have attained certificates for any of the 3 clouders listed below are qualified to apply for the program.
Apache Hadoop Overview
Through this course, you can understand what is Big Data, what is Hadoop, the basic structure of Hadoop, and the preparation for building Hadoop cluster on Alibaba Cloud.
USD 10.00
45 Minutes
Hadoop Architecture and Principles
Through this course, you can fully understand the functions of each part of Hadoop, understand the ideas and design principles.
USD 10.00
53 Minutes
Hadoop Cluster Installation on Alibaba Cloud ECS
Through this course, you will learn about SSH protocol, the installation process of Java and Hadoop on ECS, the construction process of Hadoop cluster, and the use of Hadoop.
USD 10.00
45 Minutes
How to Apply
After completing a Clouder Course with the Alibaba Cloud Academy, you will be eligible to participate in the Digital Talent Program. Fill in the application by clicking “Apply Now” and we will send you a code to claim the Big Data Clouder courses for FREE.
Tell us about your Big Data Journey
After completing at least 5 big data courses, the Academy would like to hear more about your big data journey. Please consider the questions to the right and send us a message to be eligible to receive a free offline class. Look forward to hearing from you!
Which course(s) did you take?
What is Alibaba Cloud’s advantage in managing Big Data?
What did you learn about the issues you may encounter while working with Big Data?
How will you use Big Data applications in the future?
Which products did you buy in result of taking this program?
*You are welcome to share muiltimedia such as pictures, video or audio if appropriate
Terms and Conditions
  • 1. To apply for the Digital Talent Program users must purchase at least ONE Certification Course.
  • 2. Once an application has been accepted, users will be sent a response within two days via email.
  • 3. The code sent via email can be redeemed for all courses in Digital Talent Program Course List.
  • 4. One person may only redeem one code, one person using multiple accounts to purchase Certification Courses will not be able to redeem multiple codes. Codes are not transferable between users.
  • 5. Clouder Courses are non-refundable
  • 6. Users that send us an email describing their experience, are eligible, based on the feedback provided, to receive a coupon for a free offline class. Depending on the location and class content, this class will not necessarily involve a certification. Users that provide more content especially multi-media content will be more likely to receive this coupon.
  • 7. After the coupon is given the Digital Talent Program, users must redeem the courses before March 31. After this date, the coupon may not be redeemed.
  • 8. The coupon may not be used on any other Clouder course not included in the Digital Talent Program course list.