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Cricket is the world’s second most followed sport with a majority of the fans residing in South Asia. As the sport attracts more attention, preforming rigorous statistical analysis on game results help fans better understand the game and coaches gain a competitive edge against their opponents. With Alibaba Cloud’s Big Data tools, we can now seamlessly run analysis on thousands of cricket matches that can provide useful feedback for higher level interpretation of the matches. “Cricket, Wickets and Big Data” will have users first complete the Big Data learning path to familiarize themselves with Alibaba Cloud Big Data products and then be given a large data set of cricket matches to interpret. The activity concludes with an evaluation of the users results and our champion will receive an Alibaba Cloud cricket trophy! Learn how to gain new perspectives on cricket through Big Data analysis on Alibaba Cloud!
The Path to Becoming a Cricket Analyst Champion
Complete the Big Data Analysis Learning Path
Register for the event,
Receive the data and evaluation
Complete the evaluation,
Submit for review
Receive a certificate,
Champions receive the trophy!


Complete 8 courses from the Big Data Learning Path

Study Alibaba Cloud big data products with our learning path: The job market for architects, engineers, and analytics professionals with Big Data expertise continue to increase. The Academy’s Big Data learning path focuses on the fundamental tools and techniques needed to pursue a career in Big Data. Work through our course material, learn different aspects of the Big Data field, and get certified as a Big Data professional!


Register for the Event; Receive the Manual

After completing the learning path send us an email with the certificate of completion. After receiving your email we will send you the event manual which includes:
  • • Instructions to download the data
  • • Tips to analyzing the data
  • • The link to the evaluation
  • • Evlauation submission instructions
  • • Certification and trophy descriptions


Run the Data;
Submit the Evaluation

Option 1 - Use Alibaba Cloud Data Tools

The Learning Path has taught you how to use OSS, Maxcompute and DataWorks but feel free to use any combination of tools that might help you answer the questions appropriately.

Option 2 - Do it yourself

Use other tools you find to complete the tasks for the test. Open source tools or big data tools offered by other providers are all acceptable, as long as your answers are accurate!


Certificate and Trophy

Each member who successfully completes the test, no matter what thier score, will receive a certificate of completion with their name and the official Alibaba Cloud seal. Our most outstanding participants will receive the Cricket Trophy (pictured here) with their name engraved on the base. The champion will be decided by the test results and follow up discussions after the event. Good luck to all!
Event Terms and Conditions
  • - Evaluation submissions will be accepted until October 11, 2019, 00:00 Beijing Time (GMT +8), all submissions made after this time will not be graded. On October 18, the champion(s) will be publicly announced
  • - One person may only participate once in each round,one person who user accounts will not be to compete twice in a single round.
  • - One user may only participate in the event one time and submit the evaluation one time, multiple evaluations and submissions will be disregarded
  • - Users must receive the Big Data Analysis Learning Path certificate to be eligible to participate, users who do not pass the Big Data classes and register will be denied participation.
  • - Users who have passed the classes of the Big Data Learning Path either before the event began or separately from the Learning Path can email: to apply for a certificate
  • - Users who have not completed the Big Data classes but submit an evaluation will not be given a score.
  • - Users who finish the exam will have their score put on the website, please indicate if you would not like your name posted on the website.
  • - Do not share the Manual with non-participants of the event, especially on social media or any public forum. This may result in disqualification.
  • - Any indication of cheating on the evaluation will be taking very seriously and may result in disqualification from the event.
  • - Choosing your method of evaluating the data will not effect you evaluation results. Be creative in answering the questions!
  • - The cost to use Alibaba Cloud products needed for the event will be bore by the user.
  • - Please email any questions to: