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Being an expert of Alibaba Cloud gives our users a strong advantage in the Cloud computing marketplace. The Cloud and Proud activity rewards certification by giving coupons for free classes. Our students will be tracked by their scores on the certification tests and completion amount on the Clouder Hero Boards. “Hero Cards” will be designed for our most dedicated hero so keep getting certified through the summer as the classes will be updated every month, and so will the Hero Boards. Take pride in being a Alibaba Cloud Expert!

Cloud Heroes

The tables below track the progress of our Heroes, get certified to see your name on the board

Highest Scoring Heros

Certification Test Score

Hero Introduction
Dinesh Udayakumar
Alibaba Cloud fundamentals courses gave me a deep insight into the Architecture and working of the Alibaba cloud. These courses provided a clear vision about how to manage resources over the cloud which will greatly help me in my career. I fully recommend all cloud enthusiasts to make use of the Alibaba Cloud Academy.
Faiz Azhar
Alibaba Cloud is an invaluable platform for organizations to establish a sustainable business presence in China. Alibaba Cloud Academy courses equipped me with the right knowledge to leverage various tools that Alibaba Cloud has to offer.
Francisco Julian Mota
I think that the training provided by Alibaba Cloud Academy is a great help when trying to glimpse the enormous amount of options and knowledge necessary to know and work on the concept of "The Cloud".
I learnt the fundamental, Elastic, Analysis architectures on Alibaba Cloud Academy and have received the certifications & free courses. This helped me a lot professionally. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to take up these courses and upskill themselves in Alibaba Cloud.
Getting specialized in Alibaba Cloud with the help of Alibaba Academy has boosted my career dramatically. The clouder courses have bootstrapped me in facing all the challenges as a Cloud Architect. I fully recommend all cloud enthusiasts to make use of the Alibaba Cloud Academy.
Then Arifin
I learned a lot of Alibaba Cloud fundamental from these courses. Very well articulated contents designed based on the evaluation model which made the course easy to follow. Go Cloud, Be Certified & Proud.
Alberto Roura
Personally, getting certified with Alibaba Cloud Academy pushed my professional career. I fully recommend anyone to participate in this activity and get some free courses in return!
Ghulam Qadir
Getting certified in Big Data, DevOps and Cloud Networking, Alibaba Cloud Academy pushed my professional career. I fully recommend anyone to participate in this activity and get some free courses in return!
The Path to Becoming a Cloud Hero
Get certified through one of the courses offered below
Share your badge on social media to receive a coupon for a free course
Take three courses to be put on our hero board and a chance to have your picture displayed on the website
Take 9 courses from the Cloud and Proud Activity and become a Super Hero

Sep - Big Data

Obtain a certification from one of the Big Data courses to receive a FREE coupon

A Quick Guide to Process Structured Data with Python

he data set of this course is from virtual blog site, we are going to use the data to solve business problems,for example what countries do your customers come from;Which day of the week gets the most online traffic; Which region contributes the most clickstream data etc.

USD 2.00

USD 10.00

48 Minutes

Hadoop Cluster Installation on Alibaba Cloud ECS

This course is designed to help users who want to understand Big Data technology, as well as data processing through cloud products.

USD 2.00

USD 10.00

45 Minutes

Data Development with DataWorks & MaxCompute

Learn how Alibaba Cloud DataWorks offers its users a one-stop solution for data integration, data management, and data governance.

USD 2.00

USD 10.00

86 Minutes

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Aug - DevOps

Obtain a certification from one of the DevOps courses to receive a FREE coupon

An Introduction of DevOps

What is DevOps? Its a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases a team’s ability to rapidly deliver services.

USD 2.00

USD 10.00

35 Minutes

Using Kubernetes to Manage Containers and Cluster Resources

This course aims to help IT companies who want to container their business applications, and cloud computing engineers or enthusiasts who want to learn container technology and Kubernetes.

USD 2.00

USD 10.00

50 Minutes

Implement Blue-Green Deployment with Container Service

Through this certification course, you will understand the basic differences between the container and the virtual machine environment, learn Kubernetes cluster's main components, and learn how to use deployment and service to apply blue-green release

USD 2.00

USD 10.00

38 Minutes

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Terms and Conditions
  • 1. After completing a certification course offered in the activity, users will be given a badge of completion. Once the user shares the badge on an approved social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter) users can apply for a free coupon for a certification course by hitting the “Apply Now” Button.
  • 2. After hitting “Apply Now” send a screenshot of your social media post and we will give the user a coupon for a course either in the activity or a Clouder of your choice
  • 3. Only Badges from the courses offered in the event can be shared and redeemed for free courses. Badges shared from courses not in the event will not be qualified to receive a coupon.
  • 4. Only one user can redeem one coupon for one completed course
  • 5. After completing a certification test a user’s score will be recorded, the highest scoring users will be ranked in the “Highest Scoring Heroes” list
  • 6. After completing the three courses for the given month, users will be requested to submit a photo and a phrase of no more than 200 characters to be put on the Hero Introduction board
  • 7. Users that complete all 9 courses over the 3 months will be given a Super Hero prize to be noted at a later date