Technology Partner Learning Path

Help partners explore new opportunities by integrating Alibaba Cloud products and solutions with their own products.

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    ACA Cloud Computing Prepreation Course
    This course is designed to provide Developers, Technical Operators, Solution Achitecturing Engineers with deployment and management skills for Alibaba Cloud basic products including ECS, OSS, SLB, RDS etc. Moreover, it includes intuitive online labs led by experienced instructors to help you obtain direct hands-on experience on those products's configration and operations.
    Digital 5 Courses
    Alibaba Cloud Associate Cloud Computing Certification
    Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate (ACA) is a certification designed for those who can use Alibaba Cloud Computing products. It covers all of Alibaba Cloud's core products from computing and storage, to networking and security.
    Certification 90 Minutes
    ACA Developer Exam Preparation Course
    This course introduces how to manage and maintain applications deployed on Alibaba Cloud. The content of the course includes application deployment on Alibaba Cloud, interaction between applications and services on Alibaba Cloud, and application monitoring and tuning.
    Digital 6 Courses
    Alibaba Cloud Associate Developer Certification
    Alibaba Developer Certification is designed for individuals who hold development positions and use Alibaba Cloud products to manage and maintain Alibaba Cloud-based applications. The certification exam content covers Alibaba Cloud-related product features and solutions, including containers, application monitoring, debugging, optimization, Alibaba Cloud function computing, and Alibaba Cloud product access control.
    Certification 90 Minutes