An Introduction of Alibaba Cloud MQ
An Introduction of Alibaba Cloud MQ
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This course is designed to help businesses that want to use Message Queue services, as well as cloud computing engineers and enthusiasts who want to understand and learn Message Queue technology. By learning this course, you can fully understand what is Message Queue and how to use Alibaba Cloud MQ, which can provide reference for practical application.
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Cloud server users, Cloud computing enthusiasts
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    Apsara Clouder - Cloud Computing: An Introduction of Alibaba Cloud MQ
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    30 Minutes
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An Introduction of Alibaba Cloud MQ
Through this course, you can understand the advantages and concepts of Alibaba Cloud MQ, and be able to start using Alibaba Cloud MQ.
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  • Course Objective and Introduction
  • What is Message Queue
  • Introduction of Message Queuing Products
  • Introduction of Alibaba Cloud MQ Service
  • Steps to use Alibaba Cloud MQ
  • Demonstration of using Alibaba Cloud MQ
  • Summary
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